Meso Lipolytic Solution
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Reyoungel Meso Lipolytic Solution is indicated to reducing cellulite shaping and promoting fat buring. This treatment can be injected into fat tissue. Most Applications are for face such as double chin, and for body in abdoment, waist, hips and so on. Reyoungel Meso Lipolytic Solution is presented in a case of 10 x 5ml vials.

Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid: It is one of the main components of the connective tissue responsible for skin hydration and elasticity.
Nicotinamide: It lowers cholesterol levels and works as a vaso dilator, increasing vascularity and stimulating the microcirculationsystem, it guarantees a better functioning of the latter.
Deoxycholic Acid: It is active in the process of fat emulsion in the body and it facilitates the absorption of fat on behalf of the intestine.
DMAE: It fosters the production ofacetylcholine, a chemical that creates muscle tone. More muscle tone beneath the face results in tighter, smoother skin. strengthens the tone of facial muscles.

  Hyaluronic Acid3mg/ml
●  Nicotinamide1mg/ml
●  Deoxycholic Acid10mg/ml


Directions for useThis treatmen can be injected into fat tissue

1)cheek, double chin, neck: one time treatment 3-4ml, 0.2-0.4ml for each injection site. The injection site distance can not less than 1cm, and depth can not deeper than 0.5cm. 2 weeks injection interval.
2)abdomen, waist, arms, legs, hips: one time treatment 5ml (on vial), 0.5-0.8ml for each injection site. The injection site distance can not less than 1cm, and depth can not deeper than 1cm. 1 week injection interval.
4-6 times treatment can see result, follow-up treatment based on patients.

Regions suitable for treatment

Double chin & flabby cheeks

Upper & lower abdomen


Arms & legs

1. Science

Safe & Natural

Low volume injection to bring out good shaping results

Slow and uniform degradation to allow for long-lasting time

Biofermentative and Non-animal origin

Fully biodegradable gel

2. Fast & Effective

Non-surgical within 30 minutes procedure

No hospital stay needed, short recovery

Noticeable results after the first treatment

3. Quality Security

ISO 13485 Certified

Class III Medical Devices: CE marking

The Manufacturing process according to GMP

Efficiency proved by clinical data

4. Service

We provide professional technical support

We can ensure the stable and highest quality

We offer excellent customized service