Meso Lifting
Product Details

Lifting skin; Moisturizing and hydrating the skin; Anti-oxidation and shrinking pores; A variety of amino acids can promote the regeneration of collagen, improve skin texture and enhance skin elasticity , especially treating dark eye circles and neck wrinkles.

3D compound Hyaluronic AcidAmino AcidVitaminMinerals
High/Medium Molecule HA-THM/HA-TProlineGlutamic acidSerineVitamin ANa+
Low Molecule HA-TLMTryptophanPhenylalanineMethionineVitamin B1 
MINI Hydrolyzed HAAlanineArginine HCICystineVitamin B2 
 IsoleucineLysine HCIGlycine  
 Aspartic AcidThreonine   
 TyrosineHistidine HCI   

Macromolecules retain moisture for a long time, small molecules quickly moisturize, and micro molecules penetrate into the dermis to hydrate and lock water.
Amino acids can activate the skin to produce collagen for the effect ofrevitalizing and tightening skin.
Eliminate free radicals and promote cell redox, maintain skin vigor and help to reverse the aging process.

Infiltration Method

Meso NeedleDeep injection, low leakage rate and high flexibility.
Meso GunInjection with certain amount. Non-in- vas i ve, pain les s and no injury Fixed-point, stratified.
Derma RollerTiny channels are formed on the skin using tiny needles to promote the entry of nutrients into the dermis.
Derma PenTiny channels are formed on the skin using tiny needles to promote the entry of nutrients into the dermis.

1. Science

Safe & Natural

Low volume injection to bring out good shaping results

Slow and uniform degradation to allow for long-lasting time

Biofermentative and Non-animal origin

Fully biodegradable gel

2. Fast & Effective

Non-surgical within 30 minutes procedure

No hospital stay needed, short recovery

Noticeable results after the first treatment

3. Quality Security

ISO 13485 Certified

Class III Medical Devices: CE marking

The Manufacturing process according to GMP

Efficiency proved by clinical data

4. Service

We provide professional technical support

We can ensure the stable and highest quality

We offer excellent customized service