Medical Face Mask
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Product Details

Product efficacy
The Reyoungel Medical Face Mask provides the best skin care repair after the micro-plastic surgery.It reduces the formation of scars, the degree of pigmentation and superficial scar after laser cosmetic surgery and photo-rejuvenation. Cold physical therapy can also prevent skin damage caused by sunburn, computer and cell phone radiation, dilute pigmentation, tighten skin and improve skin metabolism.

The mask is non-irritating with the mild ingredients and the soft gel texture. It contains no alcohol, hormones and antibiotic ingredients. 

Main Ingredients : 
This product is consist of Carbomer, Tranexamic acid, Hyaluronic acid, Sodium alginate , non-woven fabric.

Recommended Treatment: 
Apply 1-2 times a day during the 1st week, each time 15-20 minutes. Then apply 2-3 times a week, every two weeks is a treatment session. For normal skin care and maintenance, it is recommended to be applied 2-3 times a week. 

Reyoungel Reparing Set After Mesotherapy Treatment
After mesotherapy treatment, there will be a phenomenon called “getting back to dryness”. It just makes skin feel really dry which seems to be drier than used before. 

What is this happening? 
Because the hyaluronic acid in mesotherapy solution is for absorbing and locking water. At this time, the skin needs moisturizing more. Applying Medical Skin Repair Mask and Skin Repair Spray is the best choice to relieve itching and dehydration.

General principles
If the inflammation can be treated properly earlier, the probability to cause pigmentation will be lessened.
Apply different products and treatments for various skin types and conditions at different times.
Use medical skincare products to optimize and stabilize treatment results.

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1. Science

Safe & Natural

Low volume injection to bring out good shaping results

Slow and uniform degradation to allow for long-lasting time

Biofermentative and Non-animal origin

Fully biodegradable gel

2. Fast & Effective

Non-surgical within 30 minutes procedure

No hospital stay needed, short recovery

Noticeable results after the first treatment

3. Quality Security

ISO 13485 Certified

Class III Medical Devices: CE marking

The Manufacturing process according to GMP

Efficiency proved by clinical data

4. Service

We provide professional technical support

We can ensure the stable and highest quality

We offer excellent customized service