Sub Skin 10ml
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Product Details
Ingredient: Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

HA Concentration: 24mg/ml

Particle Size: 0.5-1.25mm

Duration: 9-18 months


High concentration with biggest HA particles, good for rhinoplasty, jaw contouring, as well as Body filler for Body shaping.

1. Science

Safe & Natural

Low volume injection to bring out good shaping results

Slow and uniform degradation to allow for long-lasting time

Biofermentative and Non-animal origin

Fully biodegradable gel

2. Fast & Effective

Non-surgical within 30 minutes procedure

No hospital stay needed, short recovery

Noticeable results after the first treatment

3. Quality Security

ISO 13485 Certified

Class III Medical Devices: CE marking

The Manufacturing process according to GMP

Efficiency proved by clinical data

4. Service

We provide professional technical support

We can ensure the stable and highest quality

We offer excellent customized service