Injection for the breast and buttock augmentation.
Where to inject: Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallow.

Ingredient: Sodium Hyaluronate Gel
HA Concentration: 24mg/ml
Particle Size: 0.5-1.25mm
Needle Size:No Needle
Duration: 9-18 months
Restoring lost volume,  cheeks and chin, local depression , soft tissue, buttock augmentation, etc.

Safe & Natural
Reyoungel is from non-animal origin and high-purity, it can be well biodegraded in the skin. There is no side effect and less invasive, filling wrinkles and smoothing your skin without inhibiting facial expression.

Fast & Effective
Patients need no hospitalization and surgery, the whole process takes only 30 minutes, and there are obvious results after the first treatment.

Instant result
The result lasts for 12months. A touch up treatment after a year needs the half of the product. Reyoungel contains the high concentration of stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, which translates to longer residence time.

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